Course Information The training course typically runs for 2 days, though this can be tailored depending on client requirements. Mixing theory with practical exercises, although considerable time is dedicated to practical driving instruction. Course content includes:
Course Syllabus This course is designed to improve driving skill .  Upon graduating students will have developed the driving skills necessary to evade and outmaneuver potential threats. This class covers the following topics:

  1. Vehicle Dynamics
  2. Route selection and planning
  3. Vehicle security, searching and road worthiness
  4. Defeating Terrorist/Criminal Tactics (Car Fighting)
  5. Ramming and Barricade Breaching
  6. Counter Ambush Tactics Scenario-Based Training
  7. Rapid Power, performance and handling awareness
  8. Hazard identification
  9. Use of slip roads and other escape routes
  10. Rapid speed reduction techniques
  11. Proper Steering, Acceleration, and Braking
  12. Straight Line Braking (ABS/Threshold)
  13. Braking into a Curve
  14. Obstacle Avoidance
  15. Off-Road Recovery
  16. Reading and Negotiating the Road
  17. Passenger-side Driving
  18. Reverse and Forward 180s
  19. Driving in Reverse
  20. PIT/Counter PIT
Course Length 2  days
Max Class Size 15 Person

Post-training reports are produced, detailing techniques taught and providing student performance feedback, as appropriate. Certificates will be provided for students on completion of the training.

Expert instructors and leading facilities

ORD Training s are serving Advanced Driving Instructors. For off-road techniques, we have a fully qualified advance driving instructor.

Drivers and passengers pose some of the greatest risks to personal safety for all personnel working in hostile or high risk areas. ORD defensive driver training course teaches drivers the skills necessary to allow them to safeguard passengers and enable the driver to carry out recognized security procedures identify hazards and take appropriate action in the event of a crisis.