Duration                  : 1 day (08-00 – 17.00) Theoretical
Training Overview  : The Fleet Safety management training comply with fleet safety element linkage to Australian Standard AS/NZO –Queensland Transportation Audit System and FMCSR ((Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation). Fleet safety Management provide element on managing fleet system.We provide knowledge on how to manage transportation effectively and SOP preparation to improve the system in order to reduce cost in handling transportation system
Syllabus                     :
  • Fleet Safety Policy: Include fleet safety and safe driving policy in organizational policy and objectives.
  • Recruitment and Selection: Hire drivers based on safe driving records and awareness of safety issues.
  • Induction Programs: Induct all new recruits and supervisors using an official program containing fleet safety and safe driving components.
  • Fleet Selection, Maintenance, Route and Schedule: Adhere to best practice in fleet selection and fleet maintenance.
  • Vehicle Crash Involvement: Maintain an efficient system of
  • recording and monitoring overall fleet, individual driver, and individual vehicle crash involvement.
  • Incentives and Disincentives: Recognize good/bad driving performance through an official scheme of commensurate incentives and disincentives. Hazard operation model. Stop card model advantages and disadvantages.
  • Training and Education: Support training, education and development programs to engender safe driving Training and education help ensure a competent workforce and increase awareness and knowledge of fleet safety issues. We provide training model and education for the driver.

Who should attend :

1. Fleet manager

2. HSE superintendent

3. HRD Department / GS  GA

4. Every body concern in Fleet Management

we offer you Fleet Safety Audit and Collision investigation in order to improve transportation safe practice and reduce fleet operation cost of the company.  This process usually take 5 working days by interviewing all related department ( HSE, Fleet Manager, HR, General Service, Middle Up Management). We will start with opening meeting and distribute the Q and A in order to have feed back and input. 7 Areas concern (Fleet Safety Policy, Recruitment Process, Induction Program, Fleet Selection Maintenance, Vehicle Crash Involvement, Reward and Punishment, Training and Education)  will be questioned.  The fact finding will conclude with suggestion and recommendation to improve Fleet Management.

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