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Indonesia’s  Leading Health and Safety Environment Training,

Defensive Driving and Riding, Training Provider

PT ORD REKACIPTA DINAMIKA (Previously CV ORD Training Safety) with its brand name “ORD TRAINING”  is a registered company provides Heavy Vehicle (Buses and Trucks), Light Vehicle Defensive Driving, Safety Riding Training and HSE training. We offers a wide range of driving and riding education products, including fleet safety audit.  The training programs serve to private participants, education institutions, multinational companies (with global Health and Safety Environment policies), mining industries, forestry, plantation, transportation company, bus and truck, travel services, delivery services, marketing forces, police and government departments.

We offer you also defensive driving and riding related training in order to maximize target zero accident in your company. Lets start with Fleet Safety Guidelines which should set in your company. This Safety guidelines shall comply to all driver, rider and all employee, hazob shall produce to minimize risk and hazard. Thereafter, accident shall be investigated and the result should be published and announce as safety alert, the impact shall be informed to stake holders as lesson learned. Reward and punishment shall apply to the employees.

3 goals on this training comprise of :

Goal 1: Regulatory Compliance

Your initial reason for providing any training might be to comply with a regulatory mandate. So, it’s important to know whether your training actually meets this goal. Make sure that your training needs :

  • Covers all required topics. Some Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards include lists of specific topics that must be covered in training. You should keep an outline of any training that you provide so that you can demonstrate that required topics were covered. Lets discussed with us. 
  • Includes all covered employees. Some required training is intended only for subgroups of employees—for example, only workers who will wear respirators need respirator training. Other training has to include all employees—for example, confined space and lockout/tagout training must be provided to all workers, although the depth of the coverage will vary depending on their exposure.
  • Takes place at required intervals. Some training can be offered just once – when an employee first starts a job, for example, or when workers are preparing to perform a specific task—and then you’re done.  Recurring training must be offered at intervals; annually, every 2 years,  And, some retraining must be offered at skills-related intervals; for example, forklift drivers must be retrained whenever they are observed operating their forklifts in a way that is unsafe.

Goal 2: Employee Compliance

Your training should increase workers’ awareness of workplace hazards and safety measures as well as the policies and procedures that are required in order to keep them safe. So, another measurable goal is employee compliance with workplace safety rules. You might look for:

  • Compliance with specific work rules. How often were workers violating personal protective equipment rules or work procedures before they received training? If the training was effective, the frequency of violations should go down.
  • Compliance with specific OSHA standards. Suppose that before workers received updated hazard communication training, they were failing to store chemicals properly by hazard category or were failing to keep hazardous chemical containers covered or closed while not in use. After hazard communication training, workers should be more diligent about hazardous chemical compliance, and you should see fewer infractions.

Goal 3: Improved Performance

When evaluating any safety program, employers often measure safety-related metrics such as reported accident and incident rates, injuries, and illnesses. However, your performance and productivity metrics can also be enhanced by safety-related initiatives like training. After training, look for changes in your:

  • Absenteeism. Training can reduce workers’ exposure to hazards that can cause them to miss work. For example, ergonomics training can reduce the incidence of sore backs and shoulders that can keep people away from work without a formal, work-related diagnosis. Infection control training can reduce the incidence of infectious diseases that cause missed workdays whether or not those are work-related.

Team Experience and Knowledge

Our trainer mostly have certificate from Minister of Worker as AK3 or technical expert in HSE .  With our Head Office in Jakarta , ORD Training is exposed to international best practice regarding road safety and driver education techniques in a country with a highly developed road safety industry.

Our institution also supported by :

  1.  Indonesia Offroad Federation and the owner of this company also a founder of IOF
  2. Depnaker dan mempunyai PJK3 No.KEP.012/DJPPK/XI/2014
  3. Anggota IASST (International Association for Safety and Survival Training) No A. 132
  4. member of British Safety Council
  5. member of Safety Driving Center Malaysia. a registered company to provide standard of Defensive Driving in Asia Pasific
  6. Registed member in MIGAS (Directorare oil and gas, Mining.
  7. Registered member in Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (KADIN)
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ORD stands for Onroad and Offroad Defensive Driving Training a Training Center which was established in 2000 and became one of the safety driving  training provider and leading safety riding training in Jakarta. We provide services of safety driving and riding, CDL training, forklift. In its development we also provide HSE Training, those companies that do not want to mess around with the driver then we also provide manpower driver (driver outsources) both for individuals and for companies that care for the safety program.

Our moto are “ Toward Zero Crash Free Culture – No Collision & Zero Accident “ introducing package to encourage the trainee to achieve the Zero accident after participating our program. We supported by IOF and Wijaya Kusuma is one of the founder of Indonesian Offroad Federation also the founder of the Company.

To develop a sense of security and a safe situation in driving as well in order to reduce the number of accidents due to carelessness, negligence or because of the inability of the driver or motorcyclist impact on the increasing number of accidents, loss of working hours, we are here to offer services of driving safety and riding training program. We also provide the driver outsources your driver needs.

With our experience and ability it is expected that all participants involved in the training can improve his ability, his knowledge by following our program. We appreciate if you consider our services and make us as your partner in providing HSE Training, defensive driving and riding safety services training program.



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Jl. HR. Rasuna Said
Jakarta Selatan 12960
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Cell Phone        : 08567073151 / 081574110498
Email                : info@ordtraining.com

(Our office open @ 08.30 – 17.00 Daily)


email : info@ordtraining.com

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